Civic Hack 2015

Our team:

  • Josh K (data provider)
  • Michael Altmann
  • Kristina D
  • Beth K
  • Stephen L

We looked at a data set from the MN Dept of Education, with a focus on disciplinary actions in schools

We used Tableau Public to  a comparison of the rate of disciplinary events per 100 students, by race.  There are two versions, one for all on Minnesota and the other for just the Twin Cities.  For example, in the Mpls school district the rate for white students is about 3 events per hundred white students, whereas among black students it is about 30 events per hundred black students.

Comparison of Discipline rates by Ethnicity

As an alternative, we used D3 to  slice the data by the incident type.

Unfortunately, the data does not provide cross tabulation of incident type and race, and more importantly there is nothing in the data that would allow us to tease out the contributions of factors like poverty.

The Dropbox site is now gone, but there was a second file that was at the school, rather than the district level.  It was not in a simple rectangular form and did not include incident data.

Further topics:

Video game for teacher, student or community awareness around handling or avoiding disciplinary events.

Determine if there are consistent definitions for the incident categories.

Why do some schools have a generally different higher rate of incidents?

Why do some schools have very large racial differences?

Can we slice by both race and incident type?

Provide a framework for discussions in Wausau schools.


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